Before using Gotti van het Wantij in your breeding plan, please be aware of the following mating conditions:

  • Mating fee is agreed in advance
  • Mating fee is to be covered at first jump, second jump is available per request and included in mating fee
  • Puppy of choice is possible as mating compensation by request
  • In case of frozen or chilled semen insemination all expenses are to be covered prior to shipping
  • If You are considering use of chilled or frozen semen we suggest You plan it on time
  • Even though Gotti is proven stud, in case that female stays empty we will allow one more try with the same female or another female of the same owner
  • If You are coming from foreign countries we are able to make reservations for Your stay upon your request
  • In some specific situations it is possible that we come to Your place and if that is the case costs of travel and stay are to be added to the mating fee and paid in advance
  • We strongly recommend that You breed only healthy females in good condition
  • We reserve the right to decline Your request for mating even if You meet all above conditions
  • For all other questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank You for Your interest in Gotti van het Wantij!